Valentina Cristini (PhD. Architect) is professor at Faculty of Architecture of Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) where she has been working since 2005, starting as granted student researcher. She has been visiting professor in several European and Extra-European Universities and Institutions from the beginning of her career.

Currently she teaches both in graduate and postgraduate courses (MSc. Pedagogy). She has extensively published papers and texts on architectural conservation and she has joined several studies, projects and interventions for the preservation of monuments and vernacular architecture as in Spain as abroad. She's also fellow of Res-Arquitectura Group at Research Institute for Preservation of Patrimony (IRP), Collaborator of Unesco Chair of Earthen Architecture/Unitwin/UPV and she's member of "Loggia" International Journal Editorial Board.

Experience & Research field: Architectural conservation (principles & practice), surveying historic buildings, study of traditional constructive techniques and raw materials (i.e. brickworks, rammed earth walls, masonries, jack arch floors, lime & gypsum mortars among others). Referee for: Loggia Journal, Ars Longa Journal, Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture.  

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